Adobe Announces AR And VR Tools For Building The Metaverse And Digital E-Commerce Experiences

Adobe, the company best known for its suite of creative software, is jumping into the metaverse with new tools aimed at building the digital ecosystem. The company announced its intentions at its annual Adobe Summit, which was attended virtually and powered by the popular Adobe Experience Cloud. Using its existing technology for creating immersive 3D experiences and e-commerce platforms, Adobe hopes to help design, create, and deliver lifelike virtual reality (VR) experiences for millions of prospective metaverse consumers.

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Adobe envisions a future where the metaverse blurs the line between the digital and physical experiences, aided in part by its immersive augmented reality (AR) creation products Aero, Substance 3D, and others under development. The company already works with many businesses to provide e-commerce platforms and digital storefronts. With cross-platform integrations and its ever-evolving Creative Suite, Adobe intends to use its expertise and technologies to help launch AR shops and other experiences.

During the summit, the company unveiled a “Metaverse Playbook” that illustrates future possibilities such as VR job training and virtual museums. Companies including Coca-Cola, NVIDIA, and Epic Games are already working with Adobe, and its 3D tools have been used in popular movies and series, such as Dune, The Mandalorian, and Blade Runner 2049, which have been lauded for their visual effects.