Adobe, Microsoft, Nikon, And Other Technology Leaders Form Union To Develop Content Authentication Standards

A new alliance has been formed by some of the largest companies spanning the software, technology, camera, and social media industries. Adobe, Microsoft, Nikon, Sony, Twitter, and others have united to develop authenticity standards for images and videos shared online, fighting back against the proliferation of deepfakes and altered media. Calling itself the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), the group is working on an open standard designed to work with any software to verify the authenticity of pieces of media.

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Intel, the BBC, and SoftBank Group-owned chip designer Arm have also joined the C2PA in an effort to better identify tampered and altered images and videos, such as those used for propaganda in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Under the new standard in development, origin data will be “cryptographically bound” to content, allowing changes and tampering to be easily detected. Adobe has led the industry’s push for content provenance, building such technology into its software without risking user data.