Adobe Offers Curriculum And Analytics Platform To Further Data Literacy

Adobe has partnered with university professors to create and launch Adobe Analytics for Higher Education in order to further student data literacy. This platform will be freely available to instructors and students to provide classroom setting curriculum to teach students data driven decision making and career skills.

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Adobe’s curriculum includes modules on data collection, data strategy and architecture, standard metrics and functionality, and analysis workspace fundamentals. The modernization of most businesses require literacy in data, and this platform will provide university students with tools to develop skills needed by many organizations.

Most companies are in search of employees with knowledge in data driven insights in order to visualize trends and anomalies. Adobe's platform will prepare this generation of students to fill in the gaps left by two-dimensional data applications.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated an evolution in customer behavior and highlighted the importance of the digital customer experience. Organizations are currently on the lookout for experience with analytics in order to cater to customer experience.

As data is continuously updated, it is important that students learn how to collect, organize, and analyze ongoing streams of incoming data. Adobe’s Analytics for Higher Education platform will better equip students for future careers in what are now critically understaffed roles.