Adobe to Integrate Generative AI Platform, Firefly, Into its Creative Cloud Suite

While big tech companies Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta are vying to lead the generative AI revolution, design specialist Adobe is making its own moves to incorporate the technology into its wildly popular Creative Cloud suite of applications. Adobe Firefly, the company’s multifaceted AI generation platform, is currently in beta, but there are plans to integrate it into programs such as Photoshop and Premiere by the end of 2023. Though still in development, Firefly has the potential to revolutionize the video and audio technologies responsible for some of Hollywood’s most stunning blockbusters.

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When integrated into the Creative Cloud, Firefly will enable users to quickly add specific effects using written commands, for example. According to Adobe, other convenient features include text-to-color enhancements, advanced sound and music effects, and more complex and vivid fonts, effects, and graphics. It could also serve as a powerful creative and educational partner, offering AI-powered learning programs that help users learn new skills quickly, or supercharge the ideation stage.

If Adobe Firefly fulfills these promises, and likely more, it should keep the company at the cutting edge while its big tech competitors fight over AI-powered search.