Adobe, Vizrt, and Others Are Developing the Tools to Build the Metaverse

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s corporate name change to Meta—and with it, put the term “metaverse” into the public consciousness. Less than a year later, companies everywhere are making plans to conceptualize, build, and monetize the virtual space that many still struggle to comprehend. In the U.S. and abroad, organizations such as Adobe, Vizrt, Condense, and more are preparing to stake their claim for space in the incoming digital landscape.

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In Norway, Vizrt, a company providing real-time visualization tools used in digital media production, has created Viz Engine 5, the latest version of its popular live graphics compositor. When used with the compatible video game engine Unreal Engine 5, users can recreate huge environments using the new Nanite virtualized geometry system—something that may suit the metaverse well.

Adobe, one of the world’s greatest graphic design software makers, has been building an armory of 3D applications in advance of making its mark on the metaverse. With its Adobe Substance 3D suite of tools and services, the company has garnered the attention of Hugo Boss, Salomon, Coca-Cola, Unity, Nvidia, and NASCAR—all of which hope to create a space of their own in the metaverse.

Many more organizations around the globe are making moves to help create or populate the future augmented reality environment, but the metaverse’s ribbon-cutting is still merely a concept.