Altus Group CEO Sees Tech As A Way To Streamline The Complex

Altus Group, the software and data solutions provider for the commercial real estate industry announced a big win earlier this month, landing Allianz Real Estate, the real estate investment manager of Allianz Group, as a customer. Under a deal inked in early October, Altus Group was chosen to provide the investment and asset management platform for its €60 billion asset portfolio.

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Just another day and another deal in the life of Altus Group, led by Chief Executive Robert Courteau. The Canadian-based company, which has around 2,500 employees located around the world, is a leading SaaS company for some of the biggest commercial real estate players.

Courteau Came To Altus Group From SAP

Courteau landed at Altus Group in September of 2012 by way of SAP where he was president, North America. The executive also had international responsibilities at SAP making him an ideal fit for a global Altus Group. At SAP the 62- year old executive and avid skier was credited with integrating strategic business analytics and overseeing global benchmarks for growth, something he continues to do at the helm of Altus. When his appointment was announced six years ago, board member Harvey Naglie heaped praise on Courteau and his experience in the software market. “His success in combining professional services with unique data, software and analytical assets to provide value-added solutions for clients is an ideal fit for Altus’ go-forward vision,” Naglie said at the time.

Tech Streamlines The Mundane 

In addition to his stint at SAP, Courteau is known for his extensive experience leading new business ideas at companies and achieving growth objectives for the companies that employ him. The executive has served on the board of both public and nonprofit companies and was a former executive vice president for EDS Corp.  When the leader of the global real estate SaaS company isn’t busy running the company he is busy advocating for the advancement of technology. After all, he views tech as the way for all sorts of companies to streamline business operations, automating the mundane so executives and employees can focus on growing and expanding the company.  It's the philosophy he applies at Altus Group and the clients it serves.

Take its deal with Allianz Real Estate. It is tapping Altus Group so that it can have one end-to-end solution to manage all of the Allianz Real Estate’s direct equity, indirect and debt real estate investments. Using Altus SaaS offerings it can aggregate all investments, structures, and assets into a single platform.  “We are pleased to be partnering with Allianz Real Estate, one of the largest and most innovative real estate investors globally, to support their continuing growth by providing a platform that streamlines and simplifies complex investment management analysis, reporting, and decision-making,” said Robert Courteau, Chief Executive Officer of Altus Group said when announcing the deal. “Our best-in-class applications have been integrated to provide a single, comprehensive software solution for real estate investment managers.”