Amazon Tests AI Feature Allowing Users to Ask Specific Product Questions

Amazon is currently experimenting with a new AI feature integrated into its mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling users to pose specific questions about products. The tool is designed to provide practical information, such as the dimensions of a shelf or the battery life of a device. However, users have discovered that the AI tool is receptive to more creative prompts, even crafting jokes. The feature is accessed through the questions box on product pages, allowing users to inquire about the item. While still in testing, the AI tool has limitations and cannot engage in unrelated conversations or respond to flirtatious prompts, emphasizing its intended focus on product-related inquiries.

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This initiative is part of Amazon's broader efforts to incorporate AI into its retail operations. Recent AI features include generating summaries of product reviews, detecting fake reviews, and offering clothing sizing recommendations. Additionally, the company's enterprise cloud division, AWS, has been actively working on generative AI, introducing tools like the Titan Image Generator and providing access to foundational AI models from various sources. The company continues to explore innovative applications of AI to enhance user experiences and streamline information retrieval.

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