An Era of Growth for SAP Customers in Southern Europe Begins with Carlos Lacerda at the Helm

In a significant move for SAP SE, Carlos Lacerda has been appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager for Southern Europe, ushering in a new era for SAP Customer Success in the region. With a vast and diverse professional background, Lacerda is well-equipped to lead SAP's operations in Greece, Israel, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, as he takes over from the esteemed João Paulo da Silva.

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Carlos Lacerda's journey to the top ranks of SAP has been marked by his tenure at some of tech's biggest names, including Microsoft, where he served as an executive in EMEA and Asia. These 19-year roles provided him with a profound understanding of business dynamics across various markets, making him the ideal leader for SAP's next phase in Southern Europe.

Lacerda's executive portfolio extends beyond the realm of software and technology, as he has held key positions in companies like ANA, Portuguese Airports, and Farminveste. This cross-industry leadership perspective enriches his ability to navigate SAP through diverse challenges and opportunities in the region.

His prior role as the leader of SAP EMEA South's Cloud ERP and RISE with SAP business showcased Lacerda's dedication and skills in driving success for the company. As he joins the SAP Executive Team and Regional Senior Leadership Team, Lacerda's readiness for further responsibilities becomes evident.

Taking over from João Paulo da Silva, who spent 26 years at SAP, Lacerda has big shoes to fill. However, he aims to build upon Da Silva's stellar SAP career, using his own expertise to lead the organization to new heights. Lacerda's focus will be on ensuring a seamless transition for customers, partners, and SAP employees as the company embraces cloud innovation.

Carlos Lacerda's history of customer success, collaborative approach, and experience leading high-performing, diverse teams instill confidence in his ability to accomplish this critical mission. His love for Southern Europe, known for its creativity and innovation, bodes well for SAP's prospects under his leadership.

With Lacerda at the helm, SAP will "go all-in" for cloud customer success, aiding clients in their transformative journey. He is eager to work with a vibrant partner ecosystem and manage a great team, expressing his pride and gratitude for this opportunity on LinkedIn.

As SAP enters this new era, all eyes are on Carlos Lacerda, who has proven himself as a visionary leader capable of driving SAP Customer Success to unprecedented heights in Southern Europe. With his dedication, skills, and passion for the region's potential, the future of SAP under Lacerda's guidance looks incredibly promising. As he sets out on this exciting chapter, customers, partners, and employees can anticipate a prosperous and innovative journey ahead.