Anand Krishnan Appointed CEO of Cyncly

Cyncly, a provider of software and content solutions, has named Anand Krishnan as its new CEO, succeeding David Tombre who recently announced his retirement. Krishnan brings a wealth of experience in leading customer-focused B2B software companies, having served as CEO of IBS Software, a company specializing in mission-critical operations for travel companies. Prior to his role at IBS Software, Krishnan held executive positions at Canonical and Microsoft, highlighting his extensive background in the technology sector.

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In his statement, Krishnan expressed enthusiasm about joining Cyncly and emphasized the company's potential to enhance consumer experiences in the spaces-for-living industry through its leading technology and industry expertise. Meanwhile, Tombre's departure marks the end of a pivotal era at Cyncly, where he played a significant role in establishing a customer-centric culture over three decades. With confidence in the company's future trajectory, Tombre expressed pride in Cyncly's achievements and the readiness of its global team to drive continued growth and success for its customers.

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