Apple Find My and Amazon Sidewalk Battle for Consumer Device Tracking Supremacy

In a world filled with smart technology, it can be easy to misplace important items like your smartphone, earbuds, or wallet, which is why many consumers have bought into Bluetooth-enabled trackers. Tracking devices such as the Apple AirTag and the Amazon-backed Tile lineup are among the most popular, but they rely on a vast network of compatible wireless sensors. Apple has its Find My tracking service, while rival Amazon Sidewalk is a top choice for Android users — but which network reigns supreme?

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Though they rely on similar technologies, there are some significant contrasts between Apple Find My and Amazon Sidewalk. As far as connectivity goes, Sidewalk has one clear advantage thanks to the array of Tile devices that are compatible with both Android and iOS, while devices on the Find My network are limited to Apple devices. However, Sidewalk is thus far only available in the US, while Apple claims the Find My network can reach hundreds of millions of its devices around the world.

Inside the home, both apps can only give searchers a general location of missing items, but the Tile Slim and competitor Chipolo Card Spot emit louder alarms than the AirTag. Ultimately, it may simply come down to a user’s personal preference between Apple and Android’s operating systems, but Amazon wins in terms of versatility.