Apple iOS 16.4 Update Improves Call Clarity, Customizations, Accessibility, Security, and Much More

iPhone users can expect some welcome changes, effective at the end of March 2023. Apple has finally released its iOS 16.4 (and iPadOS 16.4), having been through several updates since iOS 16 was launched in September 2022. It brings some significant updates and improvements, highlighted by lock screen widgets, improved privacy features, enhanced phone calls, and new fonts, colors, and emojis. The update also includes standard bug fixes and security updates that will improve users’ experiences without their awareness.

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Some of the more notable features promise to greatly improve user experiences. Easier lock screen customization includes tapping the screen to edit text fonts and colors, for instance. Updates to Focus mode are connected to the lock screen, allowing you to make aesthetic changes to specific Focus profiles, and Focus Filters lets the user block certain Safari tabs, Mail accounts, Calendar events, and more. Notifications may now include ‘Live Activities,’ which provides pinned widget-like notifications that make it easier to check the score of your favorite sports games, track food delivery statuses, and more.

The new iOS 16.4 offers much more to loyal iPhone users, including clearer calls, an improved Podcasts app, enhancements to Maps, and several other updates that should keep iPhone lovers satisfied—until the release of iOS 17.