Artificial Intelligence Drives “Tech-For-Good” Initiatives And ESG Strategies

Today’s businesses and other organizations are focusing more of their attention than ever on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and solutions. With the growing phenomenon of “tech-for-good,” new initiatives pop up constantly — such as the Global Forest Watch app, Tesla’s XPRIZE competition, and many more. Now, enterprises and brands of all industries are employing artificial intelligence (AI) to more effectively support their ESG efforts.

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Research by Oracle reveals that an increasing number of business leaders would trust AI to make sustainability decisions over human experts in many cases. AI-driven data analysis can provide enterprises with a clear and full picture of everything from their employee diversity to their greenhouse gas emissions, and much more. Smart software simply makes corralling, sorting, and analyzing data easier and allows for better visibility.

Digital management solutions continue to expand and evolve, with some initiatives leaning on blockchain technology to better understand issues such as corporate supply chains. But since smaller companies may not have the same oversight as larger ones, ESG data providers are creating innovative software systems to organize public datasets more effectively. The prevalence of AI is growing exponentially across sectors, and it is quickly becoming an essential tool for achieving sustainability.