AWS CEO Adam Selipsky Reveals New and Improved Technologies to Help Organizations Save Money

In two decades, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become an integral cloud computing platform for thousands of organizations, keeping commerce moving and businesses thriving. And at a time of economic uncertainty, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is urging customers to lean into the company’s technologies to create savings, while also hinting at an expansion beyond its core capabilities. At the annual AWS re:Invent conference, Selipsky also revealed some new cloud applications that could make the company a competitor with some of its customers.

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During his second keynote as chief executive, Selipsky promoted the cost-saving capabilities of shifting workloads more to cloud computing, rather than slowing down. On top of upgrades and additions to the company’s current offering, the CEO introduced some new cloud technologies such as AWS Supply Chain, AWS Clean Rooms, and Amazon Omics.

AWS Supply Chain synthesizes supply chain data from different sources into a unified view for analysis and decision-making. AWS Clean Rooms is an analytics service that is intended to let companies collaborate on shared data without compromising confidentiality. And Amazon Omics is designed specifically to help life sciences researchers store and analyze data.