AWS Reveals PrivateLink for More Secure Cloud Platform

At the AWS re:Invent convention on Tuesday, Inc.’s public cloud business, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) revealed a new product called AWS PrivateLink. The product allows customers to access third party SaaS applications from their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) without exposing their VPC to the public Internet.

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As more enterprise clients move from on-premise applications to SaaS offerings hosted on the cloud, customers have often been stuck in a dilemma wherein they do not want to expose their data to the Internet. The new managed service allows SaaS application developers who build on AWS to offer private endpoints as an additional option for accessing their service.

“With AWS PrivateLink, customers now have a way to access third-party services over their dedicated AWS network,” said AWS’ VP of Compute Services, Matt Garman. “AWS PrivateLink complements the investments we have made to meet the security and compliance needs of our customers.”

Among the SaaS providers who are already or plan to be using AWS PrivateLink to enhance the security, privacy and performance of their applications running on AWS include Aqua Security, Autodesk, CA Technologies, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, Dynatrace, Salesforce, SigOpt, Snowflake and Twilio.

AWS indicates that its new product also helps to significantly simplify network architecture by facilitating customers in connecting services across different accounts and VPCs within their own organizations.

For over a decade, AWS has been the world’s leading cloud platform, now offering over 100 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, IoT, app development, security, mobile, AI, deployment and management, serving startups, enterprises and government agencies across the globe.