Bengaluru Startup Postman Sits At The Forefront Of API Revolution

Postman has offered a platform for developers to build, test, and debug their APIs since its inception in 2014. Founded by Abhijit Kane, Ankit Sobti, and current Chief Executive Officer Abhinav Asthana, the San Francisco-based company is now utilized by nearly 10 million developers and more than 200,000 companies worldwide. By simplifying each step of API construction and streamlining collaboration, Postman has quickly garnered a reputation as a leading provider of API building solutions.

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"We help developers, QA, DevOps — anybody who is in the business of building APIs — work on the same platform. They can use our tools for designing, documentation, testing and monitoring to build high-quality APIs, and they do that faster," Asthana told TechCrunch.

The API development vendor sees a bright future for its business, and with its recent success, it's not surprising that its investors do as well.

This month, the company announced it raised $150 million in a new Series C funding round led by Insight Partners. It's Postman's most considerable funding round to date, following a Series B round that only drew in $50 million in June, 2019.

Despite the pandemic, Postman is thriving as the company reaches a valuation of $2 billion.

What's most impressive about the recent funding round isn't the amount of money raised, but the fact that the company wasn't actively looking for funding in the first place. Asthana explained that investors approached him: "We think it shows the strength of the company. We have phenomenal adoption across developers and enterprises and the pandemic has [not had much of an impact on us]. The company has been receiving crazy inbound interest [from investors]."

Postman will invest new funding in product development and engineering across the globe. It will also use resources to develop educational materials and webinars.

Founded in Bengaluru, India and now headquartered in San Francisco, it is primed to grow both teams. The company currently employs around 250 people, which it hopes to double by next year.

Postman is excited about its next chapter with the Postman API Network, as it looks to invest in fully automatable solutions, like security testing, and integrating with the full DevOps cycle. "We feel very strongly that we're going to be driving more and more of the API revolution forward in the next decade," Asthana said.