Top Cybersecurity Company ReversingLabs Prevents Complex Threats

In 2021, ReversingLabs was named a Top 25 Cybersecurity Company by The Software Report. The company is the leading provider of explainable threat intelligence and application security solutions that detect and analyze complex file and binary-based threats built to evade traditional security solutions. We had a chance to catch up with ReversingLabs to learn more about the company, their products and some of their key people.

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Can you tell us about a recent milestone that the company is most proud of?

The milestone we are most proud of is our new Managed Software Assurance service. Less than a year ago, our team recognized that businesses were under attack. Specifically, we discovered that cybercriminals and nation-state actors had expanded their operations from corporate networks and data centers to software development organizations and supply chains.

The 2020 SolarWinds SunBurst attack was the highest-profile example of this shifting threat. Following that incident, SolarWinds approached ReversingLabs to help it assess and recover, and our team quickly identified the source of the incident. We also saw an opportunity—existing application security solutions couldn’t detect these malicious components because they lacked the ability to analyze all components and software layers.

A few short months later, ReversingLabs introduced its Managed Software Assurance Service to assist other companies in mitigating supply chain risks. This new offering uses our extensive repository of malicious code research and threat intelligence to identify threats in software BEFORE it is released to customers.

Since launching the service, customer interest has grown dramatically, and we’ve been recognized by the industry—we were named a Top 10 Black Unicorn in 2021. ReversingLabs also received Series B funding from Crosspoint Capital, a private equity firm focused on the cybersecurity, privacy, and infrastructure software markets. This 56M dollar round was specifically given to fuel the growth of the new software assurance service.

What makes your company's cybersecurity software / products stand out against similar offerings?

The ReversingLabs Managed Software Assurance Service differentiates itself in a variety of ways which include:

ReversingLabs Generates a Complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): Other available software composition analysis solutions don’t identify the many components within proprietary and open-source software packages, which hide preventable security issues and create potential vectors of compromise. The ReversingLabs service inspects every application layer, including an in-depth analysis of 400+ file formats commonly used to package software. It then automatically generates a complete SBOM for any in-house developed or third-party software without requiring any vendor assistance.

ReversingLabs Audits Behaviors and Checks for Malware: An Enterprise Security Group (ESG) eBook reports that 48 percent of organizations regularly push vulnerable code. That’s because other software assurance solutions fail to thoroughly inspect complex software layers that result in malware detection gaps. ReversingLabs recognizes that build environments are perfect targets for malicious backdoor code injection, which is why it checks every application layer for malicious code intent. This prevents the deployment of software releases containing hidden malware or injected backdoor code. It also allows companies to take control of application behaviors and eliminate supply chain attacks through powerful code behavior tracking.

Minimize Vulnerability Risk Surface Area: By one estimate, 60 percent of organizations have had production application vulnerabilities exploited. That is because software build tools don’t reliably enforce vulnerability mitigations across the release package, allowing easy-to-exploit flaws to make it into production code. ReversingLabs’ service audits

Who are some of the key people in the organization that have helped drive growth?

The company-wide effort begins with our founders, CEO Mario Vuksan and Chief Software Architect Tomislav Pericin. Vuksan and Pericin share a passion for reversing problems so they can address today’s threats and anticipate and tackle those lurking around the corner.

Always looking ahead, the co-founders purposely shunned making technologies with a shelf life of three to six months because they understand that the security industry, and the cybercriminals it is looking to stop, is moving at a pace that renders new products obsolete in the blink of an eye. With its Secure Development Lifecycle approach, ReversingLabs’ teams can anticipate changes in the future and do so quickly.

The ReversingLabs Managed Software Assurance Service is the latest example. Late in 2020, the company identified a growing number of threats targeting the supply chain. When asked to identify the source of the incident, the team stepped forward and not only pinpointed the cause but developed a service that could prevent incidents such as this from happening again.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

Our success relies on a team of smart and passionate people who share a common goal—protecting organizations from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. That is what we do, and our success begins and ends with our team of smart and passionate employees who are motivated to change how we secure digital businesses. As a company, we are committed to maintaining a culture that encourages and motivates learning and creativity and fosters a collaborative work environment where individuals can solve real problems and learn, grow, and prosper.