“Boomerang Employees” Want Their Jobs Back

The trend coined “The Great Resignation” has been a topic of discussion since the onset of the pandemic, with nearly 77 million Americans ditching their old jobs in search of something better or more enriching. A little more than two years later, some individuals have started returning to their former companies, hoping to assume their previous roles — or new ones entirely. So-called “boomerang employees” consist of individuals who regret their decision to leave — as much as 26% of the original number who left, according to the Joblist Q2 2022 U.S. Job Market Report.

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There are a few reasons for the trend, according to Tiffany Davis, Division Vice President of HR at ADP, a leading provider of human resources management software and services. Many workers left in search of the enhanced flexibility of remote or hybrid work, for example. But as many companies return to the office in some capacity, employees may have overestimated the extent of flexibility in the long-term. Many workers left in search of better compensation and improved work-life balance, as well. And although some companies may welcome their new-old employees, Davis suggests that it sets a dangerous precedent if employees can come and go as they wish.