Botkeeper May Leverage Superpowered AI, But The Human Element Makes It Shine

Founded in 2015, Botkeeper is an intelligent bookkeeping automation platform powered by human-assisted AI and purpose-built for accounting professionals. The Boston, Massachusetts-based company provides businesses with a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry, and has proven to help companies grow from zero to more than 100 employees and on average save 50% compared to the cost of a bookkeeper or outsourced firm.

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This year, Botkeeper successfully completed a rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 audit addressing security, confidentiality, and availability. "Confidentiality and security are top priorities for Botkeeper, and we believe in letting our actions speak for us,” said Botkeeper CEO Enrico Palmerino. "We’re pleased to have obtained our SOC 2 Type 2 audit report less than a year after getting our SOC 2 Type 1. And we’re excited to bring that same level of commitment to high-quality service to accounting firms of all sizes, anywhere in the country.”

What makes Botkeeper unique is that it’s able to make extremely complex technology simple to use. In addition to using data from accounting firms and bank accounts as well as sales and marketing systems, Botkeeper adds an extra layer of security to ensure its customers are always satisfied.

“Human oversight ensures data and insights are correct and meaningful,” a spokesperson from Botkeeper told The Software Report over email. “[We] make sure that reports and data aren’t going to waste and business owners are able to make informed business decisions anytime and with confidence.”

The company’s stable of senior accountants, bringing decades of experience to the table, ably support the company's clients. “Botkeeper’s technology platform has been able to save Accounting Partners over $6 Million annually in bookkeeping costs and over 507,000 hours per year.”

At the helm of the company is CEO Palmerino, who has been credited with ushering in a new era of Botkeeper: supporting accounting firms as the backbones of all business. Other key members of the organization include VP of Strategy Jody Padar, who brings accounting expertise to the team; VP of Strategic Partnerships Deneen Dias; and Chief Marketing Officer Jessica King, who was named in the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs 2021 award.

The team at Botkeeper is brought together by the core values of the company: “go the extra mile, continue to improve, be a caring leader, and do what’s right.” Doing the right thing is truly at the heart of the company’s work culture, which prioritizes cultural diversity through numerous initiatives.

Its employee resources groups include both a Diversity and Inclusion committee and a Women’s Networking group. Meanwhile, the company also has a Pride channel as a dedicated meeting space for LGBTQ+ and allies to communicate and network. In 2021, Palmerino made Juneteenth an official Botkeeper holiday.