Bringg Offers Free Delivery Services To Small And Medium Business Struggling To Keep Up During Coronavirus Outbreak

Israeli delivery logistics company Bringg has announced it’s launching BringgNow a new delivery solution for smaller restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores as they scale and manage for unprecedented demand.

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Initially scheduled for release later this year, Bringg has accelerated development in order to aid small and medium business for free, especially those who are experiencing demand for delivery as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. This comes as more people avoid leaving the house to obey social distancing recommendations that hope to slow the spread of the virus.

Using BringgNow business owners can quickly load incoming orders, dispatch deliveries to their own drivers and crowdsourced fleets, and deliver items to customers with a “real-time Uber-like experience.”

A simple dashboard simplifies the process of creating and managing orders. The service is “a ready out-of-the-box with no onboarding necessary.” Though, there are normal delivery charges from third-party fleets if the business chooses to fulfill orders with them.

Since most smaller businesses don't have their own drivers, the platform also integrates with DoorDash and Postmates’ third-party delivery platforms. The Chicago-based company’s system also provides route optimization, real-time tracking, and reverse logistics. Arcos Dorados, Panera, Just Eat, and Walmart are just some of Bringg’s clients.

“The world is facing a crisis, and we are seeing businesses across every sector and market look to new solutions in order to adapt to the new normal everyone is experiencing,” said Guy Bloch CEO of Bringg. “In seeing the tremendous rise in demand around the world for delivery, we felt a community obligation to accelerate the release of this solution to provide businesses a free and easy tool to enable them to start, grow, and manage online delivery.”

Bringg’s free offering is the latest in a burgeoning movement of tech companies providing free or discounted solutions as small and medium businesses weather the storm of the outbreak.

Presto recently announced it’s giving away Presto Kiosks to restaurants, while Sevenrooms revealed a new feature on its platform called Direct Delivery that existing customers can add at no extra cost. Others, like Ordermark, Chowly, and Toast have reduced or waived fees for restaurants as they pivot to off-premises and no-contact models for the foreseeable future.