C3.AI Joins Google Cloud To Provide Digital Transformation Tools To More Industries

C3.AI is joining forces with Google Cloud to make its full array of solutions available to organizations across industries. With the new, innovative partnership, C3.AI’s entire software portfolio of Enterprise AI solutions will now be available for use on the global, secure, and low-latency infrastructure of Google Cloud, including industry-specific AI Applications, C3 AI Suite, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina. This alliance aims to help companies across industries expedite their implementation of AI tools and spur digital transformation in general.

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Founded in 2009 by billionaire and ex-Oracle executive Tom Siebel, C3.AI offers digital transformation tools powered by AI like predictive maintenance and optimized energy management for manufacturing, and asset readiness and preventative maintenance services for the medical equipment of healthcare systems. Other software solutions that will now be available on Google Cloud include network resiliency and customer experience for telecoms, modernized cash management offerings and lending processes for the financial sector, and services analyzing supply network risks and optimizing inventory for logistics and supply chain-dependent enterprises. The move represents the acceleration of AI-powered and cloud-based solutions driving the next chapter in digital transformation worldwide.