CAST Acquires Antelink to Expand Software Intelligence Capabilities

CAST officials announced on Wednesday that the company had acquired Antelink, a Software Composition Analysis company. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition of Antelink will include the entirety of the company’s source code, intellectual property, associated patents and software assets.

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CAST uses Software Intelligence to analyze database structure, application frameworks, project files, stored procedures, and source code to uncover inefficiencies.

Other capabilities include: visualizations of software structure and architecture, ability to detect and anticipate data corruption and outages, and functional and technical sizing to determine quantity.

The robustness of the Software Intelligence technology which CAST uses has made the company an industry leader in the eyes of many in this quickly developing field. The company has hundreds of clients and offers a variety of products, including a security dashboard and an imaging system.

The primary purposes of the acquisition, according to CAST, is to integrate Antelink technologies into the company’s existing Highlight SAAS-based application portfolio analysis solution. Antelink technology can effectively apply a “fingerprint” in the form of a crypto hash function which can be compared to reference databases for easy reference when consulting on issues of security and copyright infringement.

This type of capability is important in business scenarios where a Bill of Materials may be required, for example when companies opt to outsource their software development projects or when corporations attempt to buy new software assets.

Antelink was founded in 1999 by Inria, a Paris-based public science and technology institution whose stated purpose is to to educate users in computer science concepts.

CAST, a SAAS organization, was founded in 1990 in Paris, France. The business has stockpiled some $150 million in measurement R&D and analysis tools which it uses to help clients improve customer satisfaction and time to market. The global company currently has offices in North America, Europe, India and China.