Celonis Launches New Process Mining Innovations for Fast, Substantial Customer Value

In today's fast-paced business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize their processes and unlock hidden value within their operations. Celonis, the global leader in process mining, has been making waves with its groundbreaking advancements in process analysis and optimization. 

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In a recent announcement, the company showcased a series of powerful new product capabilities designed to help companies rapidly identify and capture business value within their processes. One of the key highlights of Celonis latest offerings is the Object-Centric Data Model. This revolutionary approach provides a single data representation of an entire business, enabling companies to accelerate the modeling of their process data, gain critical insights, and take swift action to realize value.

What sets this data model apart is its simplicity, system agnostic, and flexibility, which collectively empower businesses to drive operational excellence like never before. Traditionally, process mining relied on complex source system languages, making it challenging for businesses to effectively model their processes. However, it has eliminated this barrier by introducing a data model that aligns with the language used by businesses themselves.

Celonis also offers an open platform, a key strength Gartner recently recognized. Since March 2023, the Celonis Intelligence API has provided governed access to Celonis process intelligence for third-party applications. Celonis' Intelligence API connects Celonis' unique process intelligence to PowerBI for scaled reporting, Slack for instant process insights, and ServiceNow for process mining-triggered action. Celonis uses the Salesforce Intelligence API to help its teams in their existing software environments.

By employing standardized business definitions and prebuilt transformations for core processes, companies can swiftly deploy Celonis solutions and reap the benefits of process optimization, irrespective of their existing technology infrastructure. 

Flexibility is another vital aspect of the company’s new data model. Unlike traditional process mining methods that require a separate data model for each process under analysis, the Object-Centric Data Model allows organizations to dynamically adjust their process analyses.

This means that businesses can easily switch perspectives from one process to another without having to continuously refer back to the source data. This newfound agility empowers companies to delve effortlessly into various processes, uncovering valuable insights and opportunities for improvement.