CEO Bill McDermott Leads ServiceNow As A ‘Market of One’

In the new normal of remote work and collaboration, it’s crucial to give workforces the tools they need to succeed. ServiceNow has found success by bringing different enterprise departments and systems together in a single platform, leading the company to a massive market cap of nearly $100 billion. According to Bill McDermott, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, ServiceNow is in a market of its own with few rivals who can compete with its all-in-one workflow automation platform.

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While companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Atlassian, and others might be experts in one particular system, the ServiceNow platform is an all-encompassing “platform of platforms,” according to McDermott. He touts the company’s organic growth, which lets ServiceNow be more discerning with potential acquisitions — focusing on bringing on top talent over revenues. The CEO estimates a market of $1 trillion for ServiceNow and its competitors, so his company can focus on capitalizing on market opportunities, hoping to become (and remain) the first choice in workflow automation platforms.