Clumio Expands AWS Enterprise Backup Offerings

AWS client businesses looking to go beyond the typical snapshot service for enterprise backup solutions now have a new option for streamlined and secure storage with Clumio. A recently issued press release stated the tech firm is expanding its offerings to support native AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Block Store.

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The tech firm points out that many enterprises moving to the public cloud rely solely on snapshots to guard against data loss, security breaches, and compliance risks. While this strategy serves companies well for quick restoration of data from a specific point in time – it comes with its challenges. Snapshots are often tied to the same user cloud account as primary operations and open up organizations to bad actors who can gain access to that available information.

Additionally, long-term storage of snapshot data can be costly and offer limited functionality. There are, for instance, no global search capabilities or options for the restoration of a single file. Clumio also states that oversight of snapshots per user, region, or cloud is up to the end-user and can increase workload complexity for an organization's IT team. The company was created in 2017 to address some of these shortcomings.

The Silicon Valley startup was founded by Kaustubh Patil, Poojan Kumar, and Woon Ho Jung and provides data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) to major companies looking for a simple answer to the complicated matter of managing secured data backup on the cloud. The mission is to replace the Byzantine business of on-premise data backup systems with a centralized DPaaS service that will single-handedly streamline the process without compromising on security.

“It’s a huge market we are disrupting. This hasn’t been done before. It’s a hard problem to solve,” said Poojan Kumar, co-founder and Clumio’s CEO, said in a 2019 interview with Blocks & Files.

Clumio assures customers that its services are scalable, its pricing is predictable; and that it operates with comprehensive compliance and security policies. With its new capacity to support EBS users, it can protect datastores on the AWS public cloud along with its VMware on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machines. All data is encrypted and is backed up on systems separate from the user's account. Global search and single file restoration are functions available to its customers.

“Enterprises demand data protection built from the cloud up to ensure data is protected in a simple and scalable way, as they accelerate their journey to the public cloud,” said Chadd Kenney, VP and chief technologist at Clumio. “Traditional backup solutions retrofitted for the cloud burden the user with the same technical debt and complexity they are trying to get away from in the first place. Clumio SaaS transforms the enterprise backup experience optimizing for simplicity and security.”

To date, Clumio has raised $186 million in funding over three rounds – the latest was a series C round landed in November 2019. It was led by investors Altimeter Capital and Sutter Hill Ventures.