CMU Notches Another Win with New Meltwater AI Partnership

One of the top Computer Science programs in the United States is making big moves in the field of AI research.

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In an announcement made earlier this month, Carnegie Mellon University will team with San Francisco-based media intelligence company Meltwater to provide access to the platform, a major hub of AI research insights and real time customer data.

Carnegie Mellon will use the platform specifically for research and education purposes. It’s part of an initiative by the top university to facilitate computer science students and faculty who are interested in creating, managing and connecting web-scale data.

The platform contains AI modeling and integrated cloud computing which will be a valuable resource for those students interested in building and optimizing web-scale analytics. The platform is an excellent way to leverage AI data, which typically requires a high degree of expertise and experimentation to be effective. It also offers access to open and licensed data, custom sources, models, predictive insights and precision filtering, among many other features.

According to Meltwater, the platform will allow researchers and businesses to navigate the noisy, confusing web of online data to correctly inform their decision-making process.

The cutting edge process of reconciling past data trends with real time analysis to predict future trends, a technique that Meltwater dubs Outside Insight, will be highly advantageous in the years to come.

Carnegie Mellon will team with Oxford University for the partnership. Oxford will use the platform for a number of projects, including and Value Added Data Systems. Together, these research projects aim to push the boundaries of many artificial intelligence knowledge graphs, from populating and scaling to processing and reasoning.

The Carnegie Mellon Computer Science department has developed a reputation for excellence in the software community. Long recognized as one of the leading computer science programs in the country, the university has invested heavily in the field and continues to generate graduates who go on to careers at some of the top names in tech, including Google, Facebook and Amazon.