Cognizant and Telstra Forge Strategic Partnership for Technology Advancement

Cognizant and Telstra have embarked on a five-year strategic partnership aimed at bolstering the Australian telecommunications giant's software engineering and IT capabilities. The collaboration seeks to leverage modern technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency within Telstra's operations. Through this partnership, Cognizant will introduce modern product engineering practices to accelerate Telstra's technology outcomes, enabling the company to enhance customer experience and expedite time-to-market while also supporting the decommissioning of legacy systems.

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Telstra, known as Australia's premier telecommunications and technology company, views this strategic alliance as pivotal in achieving its objectives of digital leadership and exceptional customer experiences. According to Telstra's Group Executive Product and Technology, Kim Krogh Andersen, the partnership with Cognizant is a crucial step in streamlining operations for sustainable growth. The Head of Software Engineering and IT at Telstra, Kieran O'Meara, emphasizes the partnership's focus on modernizing software engineering capabilities through cutting-edge methodologies and AI integration, underlining Telstra's commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centric design. This partnership represents a departure from conventional models, fostering shared accountability for outcomes and transformation, with a vision to rewire Telstra for new opportunities and unmatched customer value.

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