Companies Should Let Employees Add Value That Tech Can’t

At a time when employee burnout is more apparent than ever, many companies still expect high results without providing commensurate support. In order to attain and sustain a positive customer experience, employee success must come first, according to Tiffani Bova, Chief Growth Evangelist for Salesforce and author of “Growth IQ: Be Smarter About the Choices that will Make or Break your Business.”

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In the wake of the pandemic, many individuals have realigned their values and are looking for meaningful and engaging work, as opposed to making the most out of a middling job. Whether they’re working from home or an office high-rise, employees need authentic leadership, empathy, and loyalty — and to have a voice that’s heard throughout the company. Bova notes that businesses have streamlined customer experiences, but neglected to ensure the same for employees. And as technology advances, companies may not know how to adapt to it.

Bova recommends letting skilled employees add value to the company that technology can’t. Rather than considering individuals replaceable, companies should focus on investing in quality training that can guide talent and keep performance and expectations better aligned.