Corelight Secures $150 Million in Series E Funding for AI-driven Security Innovation

Corelight, a leading provider of open network detection and response (NDR) solutions, has announced a significant milestone with the completion of a $150 million Series E investment round. The funding, led by its initial investor Accel, along with strategic investments from Cisco Investments and CrowdStrike Falcon Fund, will fuel Corelight's advancements in AI-driven security innovation and cloud-native security capabilities. Additionally, the investment will enhance Corelight's data fusion partnerships with key players in the cybersecurity industry, aiming to deliver transformative capabilities for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and incident response teams.

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With a focus on leveraging the power of network data, Corelight has garnered widespread adoption among elite cybersecurity services teams at companies like CrowdStrike, Mandiant, and within the Black Hat community. The company's technology and strategic partnerships have propelled it to become the fastest-growing NDR platform in the industry, boasting impressive year-over-year growth rates in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and AI-driven NDR solutions. Corelight's CEO, Brian Dye, emphasized the company's commitment to innovation and customer service, highlighting the value of network-derived evidence in enhancing AI-driven security operations, cloud visibility, and next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.

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