Coupa Software Closes at $60.16

Coupa Software Incorporated (COUP) closed up at a price of $60.16 per share.

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In a recent announcement, company officials said they expect to achieve earnings per share growth of 56.10% this year and that the earnings per share (EPS) growth is expected to be 87.50% in the following year.

The current price to sales ratio for shares of Coupa Software’s stock is 18.24. A lower price to sales ratio indicates a more attractive investment. In addition, a low P/S can be used to value possible undervaluation of a stock that has encountered recent economic setbacks or, conversely, is being overvalued.

The price-to-book ratio (P/B), frequently used to compare market value to a stock’s book value, is 13.93. The lower P/B ratio can indicate problems with the company’s financial situation, but indicators vary from sector to sector.

Monthly volatility value iw 3.41% and volatility for the week is 2.16%. Performance for week is 3.74% and the quarterly performance is up 18.68%. Performance for month is 14.82% and the stock has a 56.14% performance for half year. Performance for Year to Date (YTD) is 73.19%.

Almost all of the company’s shares (97.70%) are held by Institutional Investors. In the last three month period, the net percent change held by these particular investors has increased by 4.85%. The net percentage of insiders who hold stock in Coupa Software Incorporated has changed -67.71% in the last six months. Insiders currently own .60% of Coupa Software Incorporated shares.

Located in San Mateo, CA, Coupa Software is a cloud-based platform that helps midsize and large businesses to track and monitor their spend through a suite of software products, including invoicing, analytics, sourcing, expenses and procurement.

The company’s larger customers include Staples, Salesforce and TD Bank.