Crossover Investment Firm TCV Backs Long Time Bootsrapper Perceptyx

Perceptyx makes information their business and they want to help their clients learn as much as they can about what’s happening within their companies. Like many organizations who talk a big game about the way they use big data to get answers, the SoCal startup promises to get the answers leadership teams need to improve operations. Perceptyx stands out from the analytics crowd, however, and the corporate world is taking notice.

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Rather than focusing on measures that provide stats on worker output, distribution of workload or task management, Perceptyx is interested in exploring the employee experience. The popular ‘just the facts, ma’am’ approach to data analysis is, indeed, invaluable to helping companies understand the objective how their company is functioning but provides little insight into the subjective why it is doing so. It’s companies like Perceptyx that helps the forward-thinking business ask the tough questions and challenge their own status quo.

With new emphasis being placed on talent acquisition and retention within the most competitive industries, insight into what drives an organization’s success is more important than ever. Perceptyx offers leadership teams the opportunity to have their employees tell their story in a different way. Their feedback tools can help their clients identify barriers to reaching their goals and provide guidance on what they can do to change it.

Perceptyx was founded in 2003 and provides survey-development services and feedback tools for employers who wish to delve into the mysteries of the collective employee psyche. They gather data and analyze results using an AI-driven tech platform to crunch the numbers and deliver insights into the ecosystem of large, complex organizations. They have been perfecting their product for close to fifteen years and have been expanding rapidly in the most recent five.

For the past four years, Perceptyx has been recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing companies on INC’s illustrious 5000 list. They also boast more than 30 percent of Fortune 100 companies amongst their client list, including the likes of Proctor & Gamble, Dell, NBCUniversal and Microsoft. CEO and co-founder, John Borland, expressed his thoughts about his company’s success in a prepared statement.

“We’re proud to be recognized among America’s fastest growing companies once again,” Borland said. “Our growth has been tremendous over the last decade, experiencing strong double-digit annual growth every year. Our culture of innovation, off-the-charts customer retention, and the increasing market demand for a more integrated approach to talent analytics continues to fuel our success.”

But that’s not their only cause for celebration, the people analytics company has also recently announced a new strategic investment partnership with investment firm TCV. This is Perceptyx’ first external investment and the capital will be used towards helping them build out operations to accommodate their accelerated growth.

“Perceptyx’ history of building a best-in-class product as well as their strong customer focus has the team well positioned to capitalize on the enormous and growing opportunity within the HCM [Human Capital Management] space. We are very excited to partner with the Perceptyx team to help them reach their full potential,” said David Eichler, vice president at TCV.

TCV was founded in 1995 and partners with public and private growth-stage companies in the technology industry. According to Crunchbase, they have made $11 billion in capital contributions over the last 24 years, including 341 investments and 163 exits.