CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz Targets Microsoft as Subpar Alternative

Despite being a massive and long-tenured leader in computing technology and software, Microsoft is still susceptible to security vulnerabilities and architectural shortcomings, such as the Active Directory identity service. CrowdStrike Co-Founder and CEO George Kurtz thinks these flaws should deeply concern customers — and they should pivot to his company, of course. The Austin-based cybersecurity company has been in a neck-and-neck battle with its big tech competitor for market share — as of 2021, it held a slight lead, 12.6% to 11.2%.

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Kurtz has plenty to be excited about, including the development of external attack surface management solutions and the strength of CrowdStrike’s comprehensive console, which is easy to use and requires fewer users than other platforms. The CEO challenges Microsoft (and other cybersecurity companies) to create secure software that customers can trust, but his company is happy to onboard unhappy clients. His advice: companies shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket, as far as cybersecurity is concerned.

Despite the allure of Microsoft’s Defender, the CrowdStrike CEO touts the immediate time to value, improved outcomes, and lower costs of his company’s platform — which is what he believes wins over new customers.