CyberArk Launches New Technology, Stays Ahead of Cloud Hackers

In an increasingly connected world, cloud-computing has risen above all other lowly competitors who dare to challenge the wisdom of storing sensitive data across a sprawling network of third-party owned server farms. Convenient, cost-effective and globally scalable – the benefits are undeniable. But so are the risks.

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For hackers hoping to take advantage of companies who have converted to the cult of cloud, CyberArk is there to say ‘never fear, for we are here.’ As part of their Impact Americas Conference held in Chicago earlier this month, the web security firm unveiled the latest enhancements they have made to their Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution - the market’s most complete portfolio of security services for the discerning SaaS client.

“Privileged access security is foundational to effective cybersecurity programs. As our customers increasingly operate in SaaS and cloud-first environments, it’s critical for CyberArk to build upon our deep knowledge and understanding of the attack surface and deliver innovative security solutions that are built specifically for hybrid environments,” said Udi Mokady, chairman and CEO of CyberArk, as part of a prepared statement. “By delivering advanced, easy-to-deploy SaaS solutions, CyberArk is the security partner of choice for modern enterprises.”

According to a report published by cybersecurity firm SkyBox, vulnerabilities within cloud-enabled ‘containers’ – a mechanism designed to allow applications to run on virtual operating systems - has risen by 46 percent in the first half of 2019 when compared to the first half of 2018 and 240 percent from similar figures two years ago. With a growing number of companies swearing fealty to their cloud-providing overlords in exchange for effortless, cost-efficient services, the environment has become increasingly complex and difficult to surveil.

“Cloud technology and adoption has obviously skyrocketed, so it’s no surprise that vulnerabilities within cloud technology will increase,” said Skybox Director of Intelligence Marina Kidron. “What is concerning, though, is that as these are published, the race is on for attackers to develop an exploit because launching a successful attack on a container could have much broader consequences. Compared to other technology, containers can be more numerous and quickly replicated. The attack footprint could expand rapidly, and a number of victims may be extremely high.”

To contend with these new challenges, CyberArk has introduced Alero, their zero-trust remote vendor access tool for businesses who require third party providers to connect with critical systems. Intended as a way to foster productivity and operational efficiency, this technology provides customers with a way to allow vendors to access important systems without compromising network safety.

They also announced details about their CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager – a ‘just in time elevation and access’ solution that reduces the risk of unauthorized administrative access on Windows and Mac endpoints. The technology helps customers manage permissions for on-demand admin-level access for specific time frames and a full audit log of all events during that period. The tool also allows for revocation of those privileges, as required, and is designed to work across cloud and on-premise environments, in data centers and other internet-enabled hardware devices.

Israeli-based CyberArk was founded in 1999 by Alon H Cohen and Udi Makady. In his role as chairman and CEO, Makady has guided the company through years of record-breaking growth and proudly claims more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies as customers. He was also pivotal in establishing the PAS platform as a market-leading solution to protect against ever-evolving threats to cloud and hybrid-networks.