DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber Leads Efforts to Advance Data Privacy Management

With new privacy laws set to take effect in California, Colorado, and Virginia, companies like DataGrail are poised to help organizations tackle consumer data privacy demands. The company, which is led by CEO and co-founder Daniel Barber, provides a data privacy platform that helps organizations assess and manage their data security. Founded in 2018, DataGrail has been built to help companies with data management as well as to address consumer data privacy needs, and the CEO is optimistic about the road ahead.

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When it comes to modern data management and privacy challenges, Barber recognizes that organizations may have hundreds of applications in use (or out of use) across the board. That makes it difficult to keep track of the information in these applications, let alone the data consumers want to regain control over. Regulations and other legal concerns make it hard to manage consumer privacy risks, which should be aptly handled by a company’s chief information security officer.

The DataGrail Risk Monitor platform helps organizations manage customer data across its many applications, which it also inventories for greater transparency. Barber expects his company to continue its growth pattern, including international expansion, and to double-down on R&D in hopes of leading the fight for greater data privacy standards.