David Murray Appointed CEO of RMS Cloud

RMS Cloud, a global provider of property management software, has appointed David Murray as its new CEO, effective June 2024. Murray joins RMS Cloud following his tenure as CEO of Buildxact, a global software-as-a-service company. He has also held key roles at major companies such as IBM and Amdocs. Murray expressed his excitement about the new role, highlighting RMS Cloud's four-decade history of innovation in the accommodation industry. He emphasized the company's commitment to essential infrastructure and a cornerstone product that has revolutionized business management in the sector.

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Outgoing CEO and founder Peter Buttigieg endorsed Murray's extensive experience and operational insight as key assets for RMS Cloud's future success. Murray plans to focus on nurturing RMS Cloud's customers, workforce, and business operations, aiming to maintain vigorous competition and diverse market growth. He is eager to accelerate the company's transformation, enhance service offerings, and expand its market presence. Buttigieg expressed confidence in Murray's ability to lead RMS Cloud through a rapidly changing economic landscape, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and innovation. Murray's leadership is expected to drive significant growth and ensure RMS Cloud continues to provide industry-leading support to its clients.

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