DeepSig Unveils Industry-First AI-Native 5G Software at MWC 2024

DeepSig, an AI-native wireless communications pioneer, unveiled its Gen 1 OmniPHY® 5G software at the Mobile World Congress on February 28, 2024. The software, integrated with Intel® FlexRAN™ Layer 1 reference software, introduces the industry's first 5G carrier-grade neural receiver, reshaping the landscape of Open vRAN 5G networks. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) in the Open Distributed Unit (O-DU), OmniPHY 5G replaces conventional algorithms with a Deep Neural Network (DNN), enabling efficient channel processes and interference rejection for standard and massive MIMO networks. This transformative solution achieves a notable 2-3X increase in uplink throughput, superior spectral efficiency, and optimized hardware utilization, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

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DeepSig's CEO, Jim Shea, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking achievement, highlighting the software's potential to redefine wireless networks. The OmniPHY 5G software, compliant with O-RAN standards and processor-independent, seamlessly integrates with Intel FlexRAN reference software. This ensures easy adoption, customization, and testing for Open-DU vendors, laying the foundation for continuous advancements. With an expected launch by OEM customers later in 2024, DeepSig is not only advancing 5G capabilities but also pioneering the path towards AI-native 6G, showcasing a significant leap forward in the evolution of wireless technology.

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