Dell: Turn The New Normal Into An Exceptional Future

As the COVID-19 pandemic surpasses the two-year mark, people and organizations alike are experiencing fatigue, burnout, and confusion. Michael Dell, the founder of the computer company that bears his name, is one notable industry leader taking a pragmatic stance when it comes to seeing an end to the pandemic that has transformed the world. In an op-ed written by Dell for, the CEO praises the accomplishments and advancements made to fight Covid, but more notably he asserts the need to accept that the virus and its effects are likely sticking around for the long haul.

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Although the pandemic has caused division and derision among many Americans, Dell discourages the idea of a post-Covid world, instead recommending accepting things like masking and vaccinations as a normal part of our collective lives. Remote work, video meetings, travel restrictions, and other changes compelled by the pandemic are all now standards of a new normal. On the other hand, according to the CEO, the acceleration of digital transformation has opened new opportunities for workers, while remote working has reduced many companies’ carbon footprints. He also encourages embracing the “global society” and building on the increased collaboration that has fueled the resultant innovation. As both a realist and optimist, Dell hopes to turn the new normal into an “exceptional future.”