Digital Defense Fights Malware With New Agentless Detection Tool

For corporations, cybersecurity threats are coming from everywhere whether it's the cloud, mobile devices, or a slew of different endpoints, making it hard to track all the potential malware.

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Aiming to make it a little easier on corporate America, Digital Defense, the San Antonio, Texas-based cybersecurity company recently launched next-generation threat detection technology dubbed Frontline Active Threat Sweep.

The new product, which is an optional add on to the Frontline.Cloud, provides an agentless malware detection tool that quickly analyzes assets across the company, pinpointing any intrusions. Because the tool is agentless, companies don’t have to install anything new to enable the solution to work. That means they don’t have to spend the time and money to swap out an existing endpoint protection program to take advantage of next-generation security technology.  The tool analyzes all the assets in an enterprise for any threats or indication of a compromise that may not be caught by traditional security defenses.

“Whether you need to sweep millions of nodes or just a few, Frontline ATS quickly determines if malware has evaded cybersecurity defenses deployed to protect your information assets,” said Mike Cotton, SVP of Engineering at Digital Defense in a November press release when the new solution was launched.  “And as with all Digital Defense solutions, Frontline ATS is a cloud-based offering hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Frontline ATS provides clients with the most powerful and configurable threat sweeping solution in the marketplace.”

While malware has been a preferred method for hackers for several years now, the incidents aren’t on the decline. In fact, security experts predict malware, particularly ransomware, will be front and center in 2019, as hacker groups take advantage of weaknesses in a company’s security to get in. Mobile malware is also expected to become a focus of hackers this year, as smartphones become ubiquitous in the personal and business lives of the masses.  

With Frontline ATS, Digital Defense said companies can benefit from rapid response to possible malware attacks that are targeted, which reduces the disruptions to other areas of the business and the expenses associated with a breach. The tool requires minimal to no training, which also lowers the cost for the customer. “Any organization looking to bolster existing endpoint protection, NGAV, or EDR investments will find Frontline ATS provides a compelling alternative to expensive, difficult to deploy threat hunting platforms,” Digital Defense said.