Digital Wave Technologies Acquires Strategic Partner GoalProfit to Expand its AI-Powered Solutions

Digital Wave Technology, a leader in AI-powered omnichannel experiences for retail and brands, is acquiring AI and optimization startup GoalProfit, building upon a previously established partnership. Based in Helsinki, Finland and Austin, Texas, GoalProfit is a SaaS provider of a low-code retail optimization platform empowering retailers to build customized intelligence applications. Its new owner, Digital Wave, assists brands and retailers in accelerating omnichannel growth and direct-to-consumer digital sales, marketing, and merchandising. With the acquisition, the company hopes to blend AI, including generative AI and optimization science with practical business experience to ensure that brands and retailers are ready for wherever their industries go.

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In 2022, the two companies formed a strategic alliance that is focused on the development and execution of Digital Wave’s leading-edge omnichannel platform and solutions using the AI tools and technology offered by GoalProfit. The resulting Omnichannel Maestro AI solution, coupled with Product Experience Management (PXM), orchestrates greatly improved product speed-to-market, digital content, global growth, and more. Leaders from both companies are excited about the future, recognizing the unique impact the combined venture could have on its industry. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.