Don Kurelich Appointed CEO of Brightly Software

On May 20, 2024, Brightly Software, a Siemens business that leads the industry in intelligent asset management systems, announced the selection of Don Kurelich as its new CEO. Kemmerer will be leaving to take up a new position. Kurelich was formerly the COO of Brightly. He is a seasoned veteran of the IT business with over 30 years of expertise. He joined Brightly in 2022 to help with its integration into Siemens Smart Infrastructure, and he played a key role in propelling the business's growth on the international, market, and product fronts. Kurelich’s extensive background includes over two decades at Mentor Graphics, where he managed emerging and growth products, especially during its acquisition by Siemens Digital Industries.

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Under Kurelich's leadership, Brightly Software aims to continue its mission of providing client-focused asset management solutions. The company’s cloud-based platform enhances capital planning, preventative maintenance, and sustainability efforts for over 12,000 clients globally. Brightly’s commitment to innovation will be bolstered by significant investments in research and development, implementation, and geographic expansion. Kurelich’s vision emphasizes a client-first experience and the expansion of Brightly's suite of software solutions, ensuring the company’s continued success in the intelligent asset management sector.

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