DropBox Partners With BetterCloud On SaaS Security Offering

Dropbox, the digital storage and collaboration company and BetterCloud, the software as a service operations management platform provider, are expanding their relationship to secure the data of companies that resides on Dropbox.

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In a press release in early November the two companies said that through the partnership customers of both Dropbox and BetterCloud can set, execute and manage policies within their Dropbox application environments. That will give companies better control over who and when the data and applications are accessed.

"There's no question that SaaS has made employees more productive, and companies like Dropbox want to further empower IT teams with advanced security features to expand adoption of tools like Dropbox Business across their organizations," said Shreyas Sadalgi, Chief Business Strategy Officer of BetterCloud in the press release announcing the expanded partnership. "This is precisely why our partnership with Dropbox is so important. As more applications create more dispersed data, our integration with Dropbox allows IT departments to better manage who is accessing data without sacrificing the ease of use that makes people more productive."

The move on the part of the companies comes at a time when enterprises are getting more comfortable with moving critical data to the cloud. That's raising concerns about how the data will be protected and who will access it. For SaaS companies they know that one breach could spell their end and as a result go to great lengths to protect customers’ data.  It's also against a backdrop of more collaboration happening in the cloud over platforms such as Dropbox. BetterCloud’s SaaS platform enables IT professional to define, remediate and enforce management and security policies across SaaS applications. The company counts more than 2,500 customers across more than sixty countries.

Dropbox plans to offer a special edition of BetterCloud for Dropbox for $2 a month per user. Some of the services customers get with the new platform is on-demand workflows and time based roles in which Dropbox administrators will be able to create automated actions to target the right set of users or files. Time-based roles enable administrators to provide access to BetterCloud only at specific times.

"This deeper partnership with BetterCloud will allow our joint customers to empower their employees to use the tools they love — like Dropbox — with seamless security built in," said Billy Blau, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships for Dropbox in the same press release. "We've been impressed with the capabilities of the BetterCloud platform and look forward to offering these new integrations to our customers."