Druva Unveils SaaS Protection For Kubernetes

Kubernetes security problems exist due to the way the container orchestration program is designed. But now, Druva, a cloud data protection and management provider is offering a first of its kind service to protect Kubernetes workloads against data threats.

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With its new Druva Cloud Platform, the company will be able to restore the entire state of a Kubernetes environment using stored snapshots. Customers can also recover resources or an entire namespace through Druva. Snapshots can be restored to other locations, enabling customers to migrate, clone, or test their environments as needed.

“In the race to adopt containers, unfortunately, protection often gets left behind,” said Phil Goodwin, a Research Director within IDC's Enterprise Infrastructure Practice. “Druva aims to offer a singular solution that can fold Kubernetes protection to an existing data management system, offering a compelling option for businesses expanding their use of container workloads.”

Druva installs a backup controller into the Kubernetes clusters customers want to defend, saving snapshots of the cluster on-premises. Snapshot management is achieved through the Druva CloudRanger interface. Here, admins can set backup and retention policies and choose replication locations.

Druva's Kubernetes beta program supports MySQL, MongoDB, and Postgres. It will not require a separate module or license to use. Druva first previewed the platform in September.

Chief Technology Officer at Druva, Stephen Manley explained rather than expecting IT organizations to acquire and deploy a separate backup and recovery platform, they can employ a cloud service used on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. This approach will make it easier for IT teams to apply the same policies utilizing a common user interface to cloud-native applications. “With Kubernetes usage on the rise, too many production workloads lack adequate data protection,” he said in a statement.

Druva customers can select the “Kubernetes” option in CloudRanger, Druva’s AWS backup and disaster recovery program suite to try this new protection program. Early access will be granted by the end of the year and the company aims to make Kubernetes support widely available in the first half of 2021.