Eden Announces New Workplace SaaS Suite

Eden is an all-in-one workplace management platform that makes it easier for companies to run their offices. The San Francisco company’s investors include Y Combinator, Bessemer Venture Partners, Fifth Wall, S28 Capital, Reshape, and JLL. Their best-in-class suite of workplace software enables companies to register visitors, seamlessly track employee ticketing and helpdesk requests, book rooms, and manage their maintenance.

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Earlier this year, workplace tech startup Managed by Q was acquired by its rival Eden. The $25 million acquisition stirred its fair share of controversy after Eden announced 70 of Managed by Q’s 100 employees would be laid off ahead of the sale.

However, months later, the fruits of this buyout are evident, as Eden announces a slew of new SaaS capabilities accelerated its ability to deliver software from Managed by Q.

According to Eden Chief Executive Officer, Joe Du Bey, “Managed by Q features a mission-driven team, innovative customers, diverse service vendors, and a UX-centric product…we knew that the combined business would serve our customers and service vendors even better with higher density of demand and supply, as well as more resources.”

At the end of August, Eden announced the launch of a number of new enterprise software features. After receiving feedback that clients have a greater need for software rather than services in order to better manage physical offices and the people using them, Eden has worked to provide a platform that can do it all.

The updates include a COVID team safety tool, that allows team members to reserve desks and comply with social distancing rules. Similarly, its new visitor management tool will help to reduce the risks of COVID transmission by allowing users to easily track guests and manage the number of people in the building. The office management platform is also offering a service desk ticketing tool to allow workers to report broken equipment and a room booking feature.

Despite Eden acquiring one of its biggest competitors in Managed by Q, the sector is still booming with rival companies. As Envoy broadens its product range, UpKeep announces its mobile app, and Robin has its own successful booking platform, there is pressure on Eden to rush out new features. In addition to Eden’s services marketplace, these solutions aim to solidify the company’s position as the market leader for workplace management software.