ELM Solutions’ Jonah Paransky Drives Success By Keeping Pace With AI’s Progress

While business technology continues to advance exponentially, many executives fail to prepare for the perceived “disruption” that changes bring, threatening to slam the brakes on advancement while companies play catch-up.

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Jonah Paransky, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions, knows that these significant changes can be mitigated with active engagement in the process of change. When technology advances beyond the capabilities of specialized fields outside the sector, it’s up to enterprises to find their experts. In his position at ELM Solutions, one of the world’s premier legal service organizations, Paransky leads efforts to keep legal enterprises current with the technology that keeps them moving effectively and efficiently while staying ready for impending rapid progression. With this expertise, Paransky has distinguished himself as one of The Software Report’s Top Leaders of 2020.

Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions provides legal management software and solutions for over 35,000 firms and departments, specializing in legal spend and matter, contract lifecycle, and analytics management. By facilitating workflow and collaboration through its innovative software solutions, Paransky’s firm combines its parent company’s reputation and resources to deliver results that save time and money, ensuring positive outcomes for its clients. In his dual roles as EVP and GM, Paransky brings expertise, experience, and a proven track record of success to ELM, while continually keeping his eyes on developing technology and market trends. He and his team create products enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) to keep their customers ahead of the competition.

For example, the LegalVIEW Predictive Insights Module uses AI-enabled analytics to simplify powerful business intelligence and translate it into easily understood and actionable insights for legal operations. Paranksy’s goal is to help legal organizations adopt such AI-powered tools and systems before they fall behind and find their disadvantages insurmountable. He knows that change needs to be understood and anticipated for law-related enterprises to stay current with, and sometimes ahead of, industry-changing technologies.

With more than 20 years of industry experience in B2B software and product development, marketing, and overall mastery of the management needs specific to the business law sector, Paransky is an extremely effective executive. He found his affinity for this specialized industry during his tenure with LexisNexis, where he oversaw the Business of Law Software Solutions group and the Managed Technology Services division, honing his skills in organizational changes and effective team building. As exponential leaps occur in business technology and legal enterprise solutions, Paransky’s expertise and foresight are an invaluable asset to the continued success of ELM Solutions, keeping the company at pace with the future.