Emerson Introduces DeltaV™ Workflow Management for Life Sciences Innovation

Emerson, a global automation technology and software leader, recently unveiled DeltaV™ Workflow Management, tailored for early-stage development in life sciences. This next-generation software extends the capabilities of the DeltaV automation platform, offering scalable options for smaller life sciences firms. DeltaV Workflow Management delivers a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution, addressing the challenges faced by companies with limited IT infrastructure in recipe authoring, execution, and electronic data capture.

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In high-growth life sciences sectors, manual processes still prevail, hindering efficiency and compliance. DeltaV Workflow Management simplifies this by transitioning manual records to digital formats, facilitating a faster drug development process. The software generates searchable digital records, enhancing organization and analysis while mitigating contamination risks in sterile clean rooms. With its user-friendly interface, the software enables startups and established labs to innovate swiftly, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. This release underscores Emerson's dedication to enhancing manufacturing execution solutions, ensuring adaptability to businesses of all sizes.

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