Employees Value Meaningful Work, Passion for Their Field

The coronavirus pandemic has propelled a significant shift in work, leading workers to reevaluate their professional priorities and forge new paths. Research from Paychex, a leading provider of human capital management software solutions, explores key drivers motivating employees when choosing new career paths, as well as the challenge of employee retention. Conducted in partnership with Future Workplace, the company conducted a survey of more than 600 U.S. workers, revealing the importance of perceived job stability, among other impactful factors.

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After job stability, workers polled indicated the need for feeling the importance of their work and having a passion for the field as other top factors in charting the course of their careers. The survey also revealed that employer brands, company culture, and products are the least important to employees, despite some companies’ emphasis on these factors for recruiting and retention. All of these considerations are taken without factoring in compensation and benefits.

Despite all these notable factors, the study also revealed that most employees don’t wish to leave their current employers within the next 12 months, but that isn’t a guarantee for long-term retention.