EY And Microsoft Strengthen Their Strategic Alliance To Drive A $15 Billion Growth Opportunity

Microsoft and EY (formerly Ernst & Young Global) have announced an expansion of their strategic alliance, which will leverage the strengths of each to increase long-term value for their customers. Utilizing EY’s business and technology consulting expertise and Microsoft’s innovative cloud technologies, the partners anticipate an incremental $15 billion growth opportunity over the next five years. The partnership focuses on helping clients modernize back-office operations and leading innovation in essential regulated industries like financial services, energy, health, government, and manufacturing. Additionally, they will expand the operations of EY Microsoft Managed Services to provide greater access to EY’s skilled technology consulting professionals.

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The strategic partners will also take advantage of Microsoft’s online-learning catalog and classrooms to train more than 150,000 EY professionals on the software giant’s technology, with hopes of accelerating development and innovation. EY-managed service teams help customers accelerate digital transformation without investing in their own infrastructures by leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform and Azure. In addition, EY professionals are enabled to accelerate innovation among clients with one of the largest enterprise deployments of Microsoft Power Platform across the globe. The group is also collaborating to develop EY Trusted Data Fabric, an AI-powered data management and process automation platform.