Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope Is Leading An AI-Powered Call Center Revolution

Artificial intelligence is enabling more innovative and exciting capabilities than ever, with no sign of stopping. For Five9 Chief Executive Officer Rowan Trollope, AI is reinventing and enhancing cloud-based call center software — and making it more pleasant for frustrated customers. The San Francisco-based Five9 is deploying real-time automated call center assistance powered by AI and built with the help of a professional voice actor. This is among other groundbreaking solutions the company is using to revamp the quarter-trillion-dollar call center industry.

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Fueled by the popular Intelligent Cloud Contact Center platform, Five9 boasts a market cap of nearly $6 billion after two decades in the industry. Trollope joined the team as its CEO in 2018 and has guided the company through a tumultuous, yet successful, period. Although Five9’s stock has experienced some loss, Trollope is satisfied with revenue that surpassed expectations. He knows he can’t control Wall Street, but his team can focus on beating competitors by innovating AI-based solutions.

Five9’s fortunes have been driven in part by sales to enterprise customers, including Pizza Hut, as well as large companies that spend millions on subscription call center services annually. With 20-plus years of experience across the tech sector, Trollope is confident that Five9’s AI-based solutions will continue to sell at an ever-growing pace.