Flexera Expands Into Critical Software Usage Analytics Space

Anybody out there looking for a platform that can provide wrap-around support for software licensing, compliance, and monetization need look no further than Illinois-based Flexera. They are in the business of helping software and IoT providers with solving the age-old question of how best to commercialize their products while protecting their intellectual property – and they’ve done it for over 80,000 customers already. However, 25 years of success has taught Flexera’s leadership team the only constant in the tech industry is change.

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In this case, change comes in the form of big data. Flexera's president and CEO Jim Ryan knew that bringing analytics services on board would be a game-changer for the organization. Software monetization is a lot more than just licensing and compliance. It’s about gaining insight into product usage. According to a recent report generated by the software provider, only 35 percent of companies can gather usage analytics. It's this kind of information that product teams can utilize to inform their own design decisions. It also gives compliance teams more visibility into how unlicensed product use can be commodified.

To address this need, Flexera has acquired Revulytics – a recognized leader in software usage analytics - which it will bring into its application supplier unit. The data analytics service provides the software supplier's clients with higher compliance intelligence, user interactions and telemetry, and in-app messaging, which provides customers with even more data to drive strategy, pricing, and development. Software usage data is a fast-growing market, and companies are incorporating that information to provide a more individualized, intuitive experience for users. Flexera’s addition of Revulytics capabilities will empower its customers with tools to accurately monitor, predict, and make strategic decisions.

“With the incredible people and products at Revulytics, we are expanding our offering to provide software and technology company with even more insights to build and implement digital business models," said Brent Pietrzak, SVP and general manager of Flexera’s Supplier Division.

“Revulytics has helped the world's leading software vendors drive better business outcomes. Our customers are benefiting from the growing value of software usage analytics – from our compliance solutions that directly increase new license revenue to product management solutions that deliver better applications that their customers love," said Joseph Noonan, president, and CEO of Revulytics. “By joining forces with Flexera, the expanded portfolio allows our customers to realize even more value from their IP, improve their customer relationships, and grow their business.”

Flexera also provides support to the supplier side of the business. They recently purchased Palamida to augment their offerings to those customers working with open source projects. They offer three solutions – enterprise, standard, and governance – to organizations that wish to implement an end-to-end solution to approve, scan and monitor open source and other third-party code providers for licensing and tracking purposes. On the buy-side of Flexera's business, the company picked up RightScale and RISC Networks for clients that need asset-management and cloud-optimization.