For Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin, Listening To Employees Is Essential Business

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled a slew of changes for businesses around the world, so it’s more important than ever for executives to understand what is and what isn’t working for their employees. Zig Serafin, Chief Executive Officer of Qualtrics, is trying to keep his company’s employees top of mind as the entire landscape of work changes at a rapid pace. Serafin, who has led Qualtrics since 2016, believes much of the workforce in the United States is seeking flexibility above many other factors, including compensation.

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In order for companies to remain competitive in a tight talent market, significant changes must be made to keep employees satisfied. With Qualtrics, companies can create action plans that can identify problem points in employees’ day-to-day and then take steps to alleviate any unnecessary stress, according to Serafin. As a CEO, he tries to lead by example by providing Qualtrics employees with an optimized hybrid work environment, utilizing physical office space for certain purposes. Ultimately for Serafin, it all comes down to listening, whether it’s to employees or customers, to make the ideal workplace and provide the best products.