Former Admirals CEO Victor Gherbovet Launches FirstByt, A SaaS Platform for Financial Markets

Victor Gherbovet, former CEO of Admirals, has embarked on a new venture with the launch of FirstByt, a SaaS technology company catering to both crypto exchanges and traditional financial markets. Having served Admirals for over 13 years until October 2021, Gherbovet's entrepreneurial journey now finds him at the helm of FirstByt, offering a suite of solutions including crypto wallets, payment gateways, custody services, and liquidity solutions.

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FirstByt, in development since 2020, targets institutional and retail clients across Lithuania and Romania, providing comprehensive services categorized under legal, compliance, and banking domains. Gherbovet emphasizes a customer-centered approach, highlighting platform customizations and continuous product enhancements as key features. With FirstByt's white-label software solutions, clients can focus on business operations while entrusting the technical aspects to the company, covering software launch, licensing, regulatory compliance, and ongoing maintenance.

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